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Kale Over Easy Tostada

After my Halloween debauchery, I decided to detox from all the sugar with a three day juice fast.  I drank four fresh vegetable/fruit juices per day, and ate a light vegetarian dinner each day.  I think it did the trick.  After a splitting headache for two days, I felt much better and stopped craving sugar.  While the juices were delicious, by the time my fast was done I was juiced out.  But still had a lot of juicing veggies left.

While I normally eat a lot of vegetables, kale and chard are not among my favorites, so I’m trying to find creative ways to use them up.  I really liked how this tostada turned out.  The onions and garlic add so much flavor to the kale, and a quick sauté brightens the taste and softens the texture.  With the yolky egg on top, it was a great combo.  I might actually buy kale to make this again.

Kale Over Easy Tostada

Kale Over Easy Tostada

Kale Over Easy Tostada

For each tostada:
1 tostada shell
2-3 kale leaves, coarsely chopped (discard stems)
1/4 cup chopped onion
1 clove garlic, minced
1-2 eggs
1 oz. shredded cheese (I used white cheddar)
Salsa (optional)
Salt & pepper

Heat a drizzle of olive oil in a medium skillet.  Add onion and sauté 2-3 minutes.  Add garlic and kale and cook another 2 minutes,  until kale is slightly wilted and onions are translucent.

Just cook until kale is wilted but still bright.  You don't want to cook it to death.

Just cook until kale is wilted but still bright. You don’t want to cook it to death.

If desired, heat tostada shell for a few seconds in microwave (just so it isn’t cold), and top with kale mixture.  Break eggs into the same skillet, sprinkle with salt & pepper and cook until they are done as much as you like.  I like mine over easy, which means cook just until the whites are set (not clear), then flip or cover to cook the other side briefly, removing them while the yolk is still runny. Place eggs on top of kale.

Top with cheese and salsa and enjoy!

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Chili Huevos Tostada

It occurred to me this morning that I didn’t post anything all week.  I have no good excuse, other than I mostly made things I have made before.  Sometimes you just have to revisit old favorites.  Speaking of old favorites, I recently made a batch of chili and had some left over.  Not feeling like eating chili for breakfast, I invented yet another version of Huevos Rancheros.  And now I may start having to make extra chili every time so I can make this more often.


Chili Huevos Tostada

Tostada shells
Chili (you can use your own recipe or find mine here.  I used about 1/4 cup per tostada)
Cheddar cheese
Eggs (one for each tostada)
Salsa (optional)
Shredded lettuce (optional)

Heat chili.  Heat a small skillet on the stove.  Beat eggs in a bowl with a pinch of salt & pepper.  Drizzle just a bit of olive oil in the pan.  Scramble eggs.  Build your tostada.  Ladle on a generous spoonful (about 1/4 cup) of chili, top with cheese, then add eggs.  Top with salsa and lettuce if desired.

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