Introducing Project Veggie

A few weeks ago my daughter, Claire (age 11), asked me if we could be vegetarians for a month.  Being the adventurous type – at least when it comes to food – and having recently watched Forks Over Knives I said “sure, why not?”

Well, the obvious “why not” is that I really like meat.  I also love to cook and experiment with all kinds of food.  Tossing out a whole food group makes me sad.  But on the other hand, there are reported health benefits to going vegetarian, we can explore some different foods and most importantly, I think it will be a fun project to do with my kids.  Luckily none of us are picky eaters.

Since it was Claire’s idea, I let her set the guidelines.  We start on February 15 (tomorrow), and go for 30 days.  Eggs, cheese, etc. are acceptable – yay!  We can do fish once a week (yes, I know fish isn’t a vegetable).  She said I’m allowed to cheat if I want to.  But I’m getting in the spirit of things, gathering tasty-looking new recipes and a few old favorites, and I’m going to make my best effort to stick with the program.

That all being said, tonight is my last night as a carnivore for awhile, and I’m celebrating by eating a cow.  Moo.



6 thoughts on “Introducing Project Veggie

  1. Uncle Cliffy says:

    smoked veggies are yummy!

  2. Bill Dutton says:

    Make sure to share the tasty recipes!

  3. Sharayah says:

    I love how adventurous and conscientious Claire is! I can’t wait to see what new recipes you discover this month, so I can steal them!

  4. Ileen Bailey says:

    Way to go sis!…cant wait for the recipes…!..xo

  5. Will you be posting all your recipes?

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